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     As an Elementary School teacher it has always been my goal - and purpose - to help all students in my classroom become successful life-long learners.  Reading and writing are essential skills that must be mastered early in the primary grades for this to happen. 

     Every year that I have taught, though, I encountered several seemingly bright students in the class who could not, using conventional reading instruction, learn how to read. No matter what intervention was made or how much extra time was spent with these eager to learn children, little or no progress could be made with them.  

     In all cases these children became more and more frustrated as the school year progressed, and some began to "act out" - simply because they couldn't deal with the frustration.

     Completely by accident I discovered the primary cause of their problems - they were PI © (Print Inverted) readers and writers. They could only make sense of the printed word by viewing it Upside Down and Backwards !

It sounds impossible, I know. That's why I had to record it on video. 

Seeing is believing!

Your comments are welcome on the final page.

Stephen Round

*PI ©S.Round 2009

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