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Link #1 is a teacher's discussion board. A teacher wants to know if other teachers have ever seen kids reading or writing upside down. Over 70 responses here from professionals and parents....

Link #2 is to a Health Message Board. A mother discovers that her child reads better upside down and wonders if this is "normal".      http://www.healthboa...p/t-186283.html

Link #3 is another Health Message Board geared to young mothers. This mom voices her concern that her son reads upside down and mentions that she did the same thing as a child. 

Link #4 takes you to a 1938 TIME magazine article about Frank Balek, the upside down boy. Be sure to look at link #5 after reading this article.
Education: Upside Down Writer - TIME

Link #5 is a video of Frank Balek, the upside down boy, doing math on a blackboard. My hat goes off to this teacher for encouraging him to do what came naturally.
Link #6  Magazine article from October, 1969 about Marietta Everett, The Upside-Down Girl. 
I think what makes this woman's story so unique is that she discovered at a very early age how to accommodate for her own special needs by turning books and papers upside down when she read, wrote and drew. Because she hid it so well (and always got straight-A's ), her teachers didn't discover her talent  until she was in 7th grade.
Link #7 is another article about Marietta Everett written 21 years later in 1990.  She is now the
Upside-Down Woman.

Link#8 is a newspaper article about a young lady named Gemma Williams, who can only read and write upside down.

Link#9 - Davis Dyslexia Association International: Information, resources and training in methods for overcoming learning problems developed by Ron Davis, author of The Gift of Dyslexia.

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